Government Relations & Lobbying

On the federal, state, and local levels we represent our clients before the legislative and executive branches in a full range of matters from policy and politics, to compliance and regulatory issues. With results-oriented advocacy, Kingsbridge Strategies can help you accomplish your agenda in meetings on Capitol Hill, with Federal agencies as well as on the state and local levels. We use our unmatched experience and expertise to help conduct thoughtful and strategic outreach to key policy makers on all levels of government to help achieve your objectives.

Media & Public Relations

With an intimate first-hand knowledge of how to navigate the vast network of mainstream media outlets here in the United States and globally, we provide our clients with the resources, access, and tools necessary to successfully manage any public relations campaign. Our deep understanding of policy, politics and communications allows us to help you advance your policy goals through well thought-out and personalized media and public relations strategies.

Strategic Planning

Working together with you and your team, Kingsbridge Strategies can create and update your organization’s strategic plans, ensuring that you are using the appropriate resources to their fullest potential and obtaining the greatest results. Our many years of experience working on the Hill, in the Administration and in the private sector enable us to help you take your ideas, programs and organizations to the next level and achieve your goals.

Crisis Management Solutions

We realize that every situation is different however, having the right team of experienced veteran crisis managers around you during a challenging time makes all the difference. The Kingsbridge Strategies crisis management team has the experience and know-how needed to mobilize in a timely manner and to establish a clear and comprehensive plan to aggressively address the root cause of the crisis and to find the appropriate solution. We work proactively with our vast network of professionals and government officials to minimize the damage and to get you and your organization back on track.

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